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Ashley & Craig's Wedding.

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

On Saturday 12th October 2019 saw DBP at the Strathearn Hotel in Kirkcaldy, so it was a local one for me. It was also my last wedding of the year. I began the day at bridal preparation & before I entered the room I could hear the girl’s laughing & chatting & straight away I knew this was going to be a great day.

I hadn’t been in long & Kirsten introduced herself & said I know your landlord he’s my father in law, then I turn around & the other bridesmaid was Lynsey who I knew from years ago at Homebase & partying in Kirkcaldy. So I felt so comfortable & had such a great laugh. Ashley’s older child Sophie was a flower girl & was chatty, sweet & a photographer’s dream. Everytime she realized I was trying to capture a moment she let me & even posed after the moment to get some really lovely images.

Whilst getting the detail’s dress, shoes etc I learned that the new Balfour’s are moving up north I want to say Lossiemouth(correct me if I’m wrong) so the wedding had such an even more emotional connection for everyone. Even though it isn’t a million miles away, it just isn’t in the same town anymore & I should know about this living in Watford & Bingley for over 10 years from my family. So it was mentioned but I knew everyone was making most of the day which made every image so sweet.

Whilst hair & make up was underway I got to chatting with both Abbie & Stacey who were both lovely, professional but most of all they were great at what they do whilst having a laugh with everyone which makes it so much easier to capture & get great reactions. Plus we chatted from kid’s to the weather and beyond.

The blue eyed Lucas(Ashley & Craig’s youngest child) came in to see his Mummy & was such a cutey & everyone couldn’t help say aaawww when he came in. He even let me take some picture’s of him, I secretly think Ashley had both Sophie & Lucas practicing for this day as no way they are that good at looking at the camera, HAHA.

It was then time for Ashley to get into her dress so she moved into the bridal suite & I went & saw Craig, Mike, Gordon & Lucas for some guys shots. When I met Mike, he wasn’t what you would say as a typical bestman(Mohican hairstyle) but straight of the bat he was a laugh a minute. The guy’s were actually not too nervous & seemed to take it in their stride & even dare I say it they were having a bit of fun.

The rain started to trickle down so we all went in, the guy’s went to the bar I went back upstairs to the girl’s. After a little wait I was let in & wow Ashley looked amazing & she was just getting the finishing touches of her marvelous veil which was gifted to Ashley from her bridesmaid (her sister) Kirsten which she wore to her wedding a couple of years ago. Suddenly Ashley was ready & I started to take some of my bridal portraits & I noticed it was quiet & so I turned around & everyone had gone which I wasn’t used to as normally I have supplier’s, mother’s, bridesmaid’s & kid’s which I wasn’t used to but wasn’t complaining because I knew they would all be back & sure enough they were but it was good timing as it was time to get everyone in for some group portrait’s & even got some sassy one’s.

The clock was ticking closer & closer to 2pm so we started to make our way down stairs then I made my way to the Lady Nairn suite & when I got in, it was really lovely & romantic from the fabric walls to the pillars with foliage & geometric candle holder’s. The ceremony was presided over by Karen Roxburgh who was amazing I am so lucky to work with amazing suppliers. Lucas led the walking down the aisle & he was so funny & cute by not wanting to stand on the white floor runner but eventually he managed to make his way onto the runner & made it down to his gran Sharon. Ashley & Gordon looked so proud & excited to be walking down to Craig.

Karen conducted the ceremony with personal details which were hilarious one second to sweet the next second. Also they did a sand pouring which I had never seen before but a sweet keepsake visualising the joining of the bride & groom & in this instance Sophie & Lucas all joining together.

We then headed outside for family & friend formals which as usual don’t go to plan from veil’s coming out & needing Kirby gribs to family members still at the bar but it is all part of the fun of the day. Especially when your bridesmaid & also your sister is holding your veil & then throwing it in the air whilst they run away & not fall over, this is always a crowd pleaser to watch, Kirsten & Lynsey did a great job here.

The sun was still out at this point but we didn’t have a great deal amount of time so we decided to stay in Strathearn’s gardens & Craig was so surprised how much we were able to find interesting images, which I do pride myself on as this what makes me different from an amateur & in some instances ahead of other professional’s. We were then joined at the end of this part of the day by the kids so we thought we would include them in a few images & they were pro’s again.

Speeches were on top form from all involved & got everyone all relaxed & jovial mood for the meal ahead. At this point this is where I go to the bar…… & no not for a cheeky alcoholic beverage but to edit 100+ images for the evening slideshow. There wasn’t much room where I would typically set this up as the band playing that night were a 5 piece band so this meant they took up more room, however Strathearn has a grand staircase & at the bottom is a perfect viewing gallery for everyone to stop & watch from day guest to evening guests seeing what has happened & loving the moments we have managed to capture.

First dance was a song that Ashley know’s I love as I have previously mentioned this song in another blog that the Dirty Martini’s performed perfectly. ‘The one’ by Kodaline then half way through they brought up the rest of the wedding party which always revokes a great time from everyone up dancing.

We ended the night with a few night time shots that compliment the couple & the venue. The staff at Stratearn hotel were all accommodating & friendly & easy to get along with & can’t wait to shoot another wedding here.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Ashley & Craig for choosing me to capture their special day and wish them all the very best in the new move.

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