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Caroline & Ryan's Wedding.

Saturday 17th August 2019 saw us at the Gilvenbank hotel in Glenrothes for Caroline & Ryan’s wedding. This was another Pink & Disney themed wedding, Im actually getting into this now.

Bridal prep was at the hotel & when I got there most of the makeup had been done by the lovely Kayren from Rouge makeup artist. However I just got there in time for Caroline to be seated to get her makeup that she doesn’t normally wear. Kayren did a wonderful job that when Caroline’s auntie walked in she looked around the room & wondered where Caroline was. All joking aside Caroline looked absolutely stunning & looked like she belonged with the Disney Princess’ she loves.

Round about halfway into bridal prep the Bride & Bridesmaids were starting to feel a little tipsy so they had to slow it down & start drinking water as they didn’t want to make a mistake going down the aisle. We did get distracted with the wasp wrangling, Holy Bible to the rescue RIP Wilma & Wilson (inside joke).

Ryan was along the hall so I made my way along to his room, this is after they had come back after Bestman Steven bought the wrong type of shirt & had to make a trip to the local supermarket. When Steven let me in I realized they were both getting nervous & did not have much experience with putting on kilts, so I stepped in & helped with kilt length, sporran length & kilt pin position. After all this they were good to go & looked very dapper. We were chatting & I asked if they had had anything to drink & the boys were way better behaved than the girls with not even a single drop of alcohol, see ladies not every guy is a bad influence.

I went back to Caroline’s room for her to be in her dress & wow she looked amazing & at this point it was all becoming so real to Caroline with her emotions running high, but she held it together for final touches, some bridal portraits & then it was time to go down stairs to marry her Prince Charming.

Just before the ceremony we were waiting outside & Buster, Caroline & Ryan’s dog who was attending & walking down the aisle, as you will see started to bark & this gave Rhia a fright & started to cry. She just wanted her mummy, so after a few minutes of mummy cuddles she was ok.

The ceremony was beautifully held & very heart warming with a few jokes thrown in to lighten the mood. Before we knew it Caroline was Mrs Bloomfield. We started to make our way out to start the group shots on the stairs. After 5 or so minutes once everyone was in place we managed to get this done. We even had some sassy shots with the girls & some funny shots with the guys.

I then took the couple of on a little circuit around the grounds which we were blessed with some beaming sun, which made for some really lovely & romantic images. This is the time for the Bride & Groom to relax & chat amongst themselves which make very natural images.

We headed back in for the speeches & wedding breakfast. The speeches were absolutely lovely, it came time for Ryan & you could hear in his voice how much it meant to him that he had married Caroline. It was time for the younger brother Steven to do his bestman’s speech & it was good. Speaking as a younger brother I recognized the digs to a big brother, nice job Steven. Only kidding(sort of) there was some lovely moments they have shared & how they both respect each other.

After the first dance, cake cutting & some dancing I took the couple out for a few more photos, but by this time Caroline was in agony with her heels & shattered, but she was a trooper & braved her way through this & we got some stunning images.

A huge congratulations to you both & a thank you for inviting me into your day.

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