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Hannah & Stephen's Wedding.

Saturday 10th August 2019 saw us up in Broughty Ferry at Hannah & Stephen's wedding. Which took place in the beautiful Woodlands Hotel.

Weather reports were not favourable all week for this date I even consulted 3 apps and each one said something different. However as a professional I was prepared with plan B & C plus umbrellas. But low and behold the sun was shining for them both which helped the day along.

I got to the hotel just before 10am & started to bring my gear into the Ballroom & I got quite a taster of the Pink at this wedding, I then headed up to bridal prep where it was becoming more prevelent that Pink was Hannah's favourite colour. Oh & Hannah has since said that this was her holding back on the pink. From pink in the nightwear, chocolates, custard creams, prosecco, flowers & the cravats. It was really tastefully done & that is coming from a guy.

I met Hannah's family and children who were hilarious. Navaeh was having a swim with her Aunty Vicki & within 10 minutes of coming in she asks, "is everyone is ready?" Her hair is still wet & got a towel wrapped around her, bless her she was so excited.

Bridal prep went in so fast & it was time to go downstairs for the ceremony, but obviously fashionably late as a Bride is expected to. The ceremony was such a personal affair with Hannah & Stephen both writing their own vows. These were so heartfelt that I was glad I was behind the camera, not crying.

We headed out & started the formal group photos, which at one point I thought I was Naveah's dad the amount I kept on calling for her, HAHA. We then took advantage of the sun still being out & headed to the esplanade in Broughty Ferry, where the couple got alot of congratulations & car honks. I love this time of the day as the couple get to spend some semi alone time & get to relax & get a chance to talk after they have spent the night apart from each other.

We made our way back up to the Woodlands & there was my favourite waiting.......confetti!!!! which is always a laugh. We were waiting for some guests to make their way & there was a sign of a little rain, so we headed under the front entrance canopy. Then headed in for speeches, I came out of speeches to start my same day slideshow & I heard the rain before I even saw it. We were so lucky with the weather.

The rest of the night went to plan, Hannah & Stephen had an impromtu photo shoot with the hotel guests taking pictures of them, Hannah asked me afterwards was this normal & I can honestly say after over 150 weddings this is the first time this has happened to my bride & groom. There was one small hickup after I built my stand & mounted my TV I realised that the power cable for the TV was broken aaaaahhhhh!!!! however Lesley from L A DVD Creations had a spare one & saved my butt. A big thank you to you both, you were awesome to work alongside all day.

We ended the night with my signature night shots. This time one of them I had an idea all day & I am ecstatic about this image. There was a beautiful light fixture in the front entrance but the rest of the area wasn't my style for an image so I had to pull on all of my creative juices. I always bring some tricks up my sleeve to every wedding, from LED lights, smoke pellets to crystals. This time it was the turn of a couple of crystals to help me capture my vision.

A big Thank You from Elizabeth & I to Hannah, Stephen, their family & friends for inviting us into their day & making us feel relaxed, making our job that much easier to do. It was a true pleasure from start to finish.

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