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Heather & Eddie's garden wedding

Saturday 15th August I had my first wedding of 2020!!!!!!!!!! This was a glorious day for Heather & Eddie at their home in St Cyrus. Originally this was to be held at Bachilton Barn in Methven but you all know what has happened this year the other horrible c word.

We arrived at Heather & Eddie's lovely home with Ruth, Heather's mum having the last of her hair done by the lovely Gemma Taylor Hair & it took all of me to not go up & capture moments as I normally do so I had to rethink & shoot from the outside in.

Because of the restrictions I started to photograph the details around the wonderful garden that Heather & Eddie had transformed for their big day.

More other details are obviously the wonderful dress itself from Sophia Grace Couture.

Although Heather & Eddie have done up their garden they did need help on the morning from Peter making sure the bar was cleaned & filled, sweeping the conservatory, moving tables & chairs & being the DJ for the day plus much more. Andy building & renovating the bar to cooking the BBQ for everyone which was very yummy or Ruth Heather's mum doing alot of behind the scenes plus baking the naked cake. Here is Heather's dad cleaning up after everyone has had their hair done, who says men don't do anything, go on yourself Harry.

Eddie arrived and he looked ok but when we spoke he did admit that he was fine until he started to put on his kilt & it started to feel real & the nerves started to kick in, however on the outside he looked cool as.

It was soon starting to get close to ceremony time as the dulcet tones of the bagpipes started & I absolutely love when I hear these.

The ceremony was beautiful & officiated by the lovely Denise Morton, who did a lovely & thoughtful ceremony for the couple. Hand fastening had both the couples tartans which were also made into face masks. Heather looked stunning in her beautiful dress which was accented by her lovely bouquet which were by the talented Flowers by Lilybet, I was freaking out about the name as that was my mum's nickname to my wife.

There were some people that could not make it because of distance, self isolation & numbers for the day. However family were on it & there were a few phones out that were live streaming it for them & one of the phones I got a fright as I almost leant on it whilst leaning next to a tree but it was such a lovely gesture to have the live stream not only at the ceremony but throughout the day aswell.

You can't have a wedding without an extremely quick first kiss as husband & wife.

Once the ceremony was over the couple went away for a few quiet moments as Mr & Mrs.

After this short interlude they came back up & walked down the aisle for one of my favourite parts of a wedding the confetti shot.

We then took another confetti shot as we had some left & it is one of my favourite confetti shots. Framed by the flowery wedding arch & the colours from Heather's bouquet & confetti is stunning.

We then got together for the family & friend formal group shots which was a laugh. We had a few blinkers & as soon as I took the shot the culprits even admitted to it & we had to retake the shot again & sometimes another shot to make sure. This is normally a stressful part of the day with this being my first wedding in 2020 I was anxious about this part. We even got a few cheeky images of the bride & bridesmaids, before heading down to the absolutely stunning beach in St Cyrus.

We took a few minute car journey down to the beach which the couple were driven & supported by Eddie's dad Eddie & chief bridesmaid Amy, oh & by the way every bride needs an Amy. She was fantastic from support to the couple, fluffing the dress, telling Eddie to smile more in the pictures to oh we need to do this...oh wait Amy is already getting this ready.

After 10 minutes or so Eddie's dad was mesmerised on how much goes into a wedding regaling stories of his wedding & the amount of spools it would of taken to use of how many shots I had taken, then when I turned around I had to take a picture as it was such a contrast a butch man with a big bouquet of flowers & he even gave me a hand on the hip, he was a great sport & took it in his stride.

We did not have a pre wedding shoot as lockdown was in full swing so this was my first time directing the couple & they did a great job of being patient & following my instructions.

Heather & Eddie asked if I could take images up from a higher point of view, meaning to go up the pathway. However I decided to go one higher & climb the steepish hill & get a better vantage point & they looked a bit nervous at first but being a wedding photographer you do what you can for your couples(not life threatening though) & we even had people stop in the beach & look up wondering if I was going to jump or something but I just waved & they seemed to be happy with that.

Heading back upto the car to collect the face masks, I of course took some more candid & one more image (I just can't help it) which make a lovely collection of images.

This next image encapsulates the whole feeling & sentiment of lockdown. Masks are here & they are here to stay for the time being so why not document this with an image that you will look back on & remember it's historical relevance.

Last few couple shots then it is time for the party portion of the wedding.

The evening part consisted of a BBQ which was excellent, inpromptu speeches, cake cutting, adhoc first dance & a few more images to end my part to Heather & Eddie's lovely wedding.

First dance twirling.

We ended the day with a few nice & easy couple shots.

I would like to thank Heather & Eddie plus all their guest for making Elizabeth & I's experience a great one & we both like to wish them a lifetime of happiness & memories.

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