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Innes' Father's day surprise gift.

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

On Wednesday I met up with Katie, Fern & Willow to surprise Fern & Willow's Dad Innes for his Father's day present. We did this at Ravenscraig Beach whilst the sun was out which brought out a lot of people, who had gazebo's, bbq's & a dingy. However we took a walk along the beach & we captured cute & funny moments for Innes.

We started off in the long grasses & it was a bit jaggy so we managed a few before there was a little protest that they wanted down onto the beach.

Once we got onto the beach I roped mum Katie involved & with a little persuasion she did amazing. The best thing about doing a Father's day shoot as when the kid's get a bit bored or annoyed all you have to do is pull out the this is for daddy & that pulls them back into the shoot, well for at least for 5 minutes.

After a few shots with mummy, then it was back to the kid's. They were getting right pro's & giving me all the smile's & cuddles.

Fern was so confident that she started to do some of her gymnastic's & I loved her cartwheels, very impressive.

Of course when you go to the beach you have to have a bucket & spade & build sand castle's, then what else is fun at the beach.......yip throwing sand, I got way back & zoomed in just incase.

Ten minute's after this session we were still down the beach as Fern & Willow are good friends of my girls so they were excited to see each other & wanted to race, build sand castle's with a moat. Whilst we were sat there this fog started to come in & the temperature started to drop & within the space of 10 minutes you could hardly see anything so we timed this perfectly.

Thank you so much to Katie & the girl's for making this such a fun shoot & I am sure Innes will love all the memories in this session.

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