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Kelly & Mark Pre Shoot

Yesterday I spent the morning with Kelly & Mark at Loch Leven Larder for their pre shoot. This couple have the best banter, they are already like a married couple of many years, it was hilarious.

During the session I got to know them really well listening to their stories of how mark wanted to propose, Mark's realisation when Kelly's little brother told him his age & he felt so old to which family member to look out for(only kidding).

Whilst we were making our way around the walkways there was lots of giggles, cheeky tongues as you can see in the images. I tried my best when entering the wooded areas to clear any jaggy bushes but unfortunately Kelly managed to get a few little scratches, but she was a trooper. Also sitting on a bench upright that wasn't the most comfortable however the images we got were great in spite of this. Oh & I managed to swallow a midgie whilst talking, not pleasant & I was coughing for quite a while later. My wife would say that I was probably talking too much HAHA.

Kelly & Mark get married at the Kingswood Hotel, Burntisland next month & I know it is going to be an amazing day spent with them both including family & friends.

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