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Scene within a scene.

As a photographer wether it be wedding, family or even pet photography we come up with limitations be it time, distance or a child is finished with having picture's taken.

So I have to keep on my toe's & even keep on shooting as I can see the moment even though it is not an ideal situation but with cropping or even photoshopping faces & eyes is part & parcel of the job as no one is a model & we all get a bit bored. However once I work my magic my client's see the benefit's & most of the time they have no idea & think this is how they were & I captured them perfectly without any work needing to be done.

I have included 2 sets of images not wedding related as this is unfair to put what can be unflattering images up. The images I have chosen are more focused on 2 types of limitations, focal length & a child not being ready to have their image taken.

The images above are my next door neighbour's beautiful dog's. This pair are either lazing on the patio or popping their head's out of their house. This morning I was watering the grass & they looked so adorable as I think they know they are going away for a couple of weeks & will miss their house & my family & I's showering them affection over the fence or waving to them at the window's. So Alice & myself went out for a good old clapping & Alice talking to them like they are a child at her nursery. After this they went back to their house & popped their head's out & thankfully I had my camera to hand. The limitation I had was even with my 70-200mm lens (big lens & heavy) it didn't reach far enough for what I was looking for so I knew what I wanted & with a bit of cropping & final colour edit I get this beautiful emotional Black & White pet portrait.

This image above from a recent outdoor family shoot was with Baby Charlie as my daughter's still call him as it is their cousin, not so much a baby anymore but still a cutie. Charlie was a little bit out of sorts during this shoot due to the time of the day & just wanted cuddles as it was getting late on a Saturday evening. So my limitation was a child who wasn't really happy to be walking on his own but as soon as he was snuggled up with mum or dad he was very content & the images before & after this was him either looking away or borrowing his head into daddies chest, but again I knew there was a moment here & kept on shooting & Charlie managed to look at me at those puppy eyes. When I got back to the computer I knew the image wasn't perfect but the moment was so with cropping in this image went from an image that will be binned to a real moment with a dad & his son & couple this with a Black & White edit & bang it jumps another notch into a real connection image that the parents love.

So when I am at your photo session/wedding & I am trying to find different angles or taking a few images you will know that I am looking for the moment & trying to get the image right in the camera first but when a moment has gone no matter what I do the image is gone but I know I have taken my safety shot first & I can still get the same image but with a bit more work later on.


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