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Carrie & Callum pre shoot

Sunday 12th June 2020 I met up with Carrie & Callum at West Sands beach St Andrew's. We decided that to have it late afternoon as there will be less people making better images.

We kept it simple to start with as I hadn't had a shoot in over 4 months so wanted to warm up as I felt I was going to be rusty but Carrie & Callum were great to work with & I found my rhythm very quickly & was loving capturing the couple's pre shoot.

Carrie & Callum are getting married at the beautiful Craigsanquhar Estate next year & from my time with them they are going to have a great day & I will have an easy day photographing the whole day.

Although it was a sunny night it was a bit windy as you may see in the images but this pair were troopers throughout.

One thing I will not have to worry about is kissing shots, this pair love to kiss in fact I may have to ask them to stop, lol.

The long grass at the beach made for a lovely setting when you weren't standing on bird skeleton's.

The sky last night had amazing clouds which as a photographer you hope for & make an image pop.

Time for some silhouette beach dancing, very cute & well controlled by Callum.

After seeing Callum handle the dancing I knew he would be able to handle the dip pose & boy did he do great.

We took a few more stunning images in the long grass & decided to move back down onto the beach.

One of Carrie's inspiration images was having their wedding date scribed into the sand with the couple in the image, so we tried this & it looks great.

Whilst at pre shoots I like to practise certain poses or technique's with clients so that they are comfortable on the day & one of my technique's is bumping hips, this get's a great reaction as it is a bit of fun but I do have to say to the guy's that it is a light bump & I don't want your fiance/bride fallen over. As you can see Carie & Callum were having a right laugh which in turn you can see their reactions.

If you have seen any of my other posts I love a silhouette & the sun was shining right behind the couple & I could not help myself.

We ended the shoot back at the water's edge like the beginning, trying a few poses that I love & look & feel romantic.

One last one before we went.

A massive thank you goes out to these two for trusting in me especially after the 4 month break from capturing couple's stories & it was so good to be out & can't wait to do more............

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