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Making you feel safe.

Choosing any supplier for a wedding is a big responsibility and you are always wondering if you made the right decision or asking yourself 'what if...' You wonder if that photographer can handle/cope or satisfy you and that they can produce or cater for circumstances out with their control.

All of this is normal and hopefully reading this will help you in your quest for your photographer for your wedding.

In this picture is just the main part of my camera gear from camera bodies to lenses and flashes. As you can see there is a back up for a back up, this is not a mistake but I have got to a stage in my career that I have accumulated the necessary (although my wife would say I have too much haha) gear that if the dreaded moment happens that it stops or is broken then I have another camera or lens that will match or cover what I need for my style.

In this picture is only a fraction of the gear I use but the main component that get's me through a wedding day even if I do not use most of these I have them to hand on the day if I need it. What you don't see is the 32 memory cards, 66 rechargeable batteries, 6 light stands, my gear belt, 2 camera bags, light modifiers e.g. soft boxes etc..., fairy lights, glass prisms, cables galore, chargers galore, external hard drives, computers, insurance and online back up system. All of this you do not see on the day but is integral to my workflow from gear redundancy to image redundancy, this is so important to me. On your wedding day I capture your images onto 2 memory cards, so if one card does fail then I have them on another, also on the day I back up your images onto a MacBook plus an external hard drive, then when I get home I back up to a further external hard drive & an online back up system so if there was anything to happen to my house it is stored externally.

This is some of what separates a friend or a family member from a professional. This is an important day and so should be treated as one by not gambling on your memories especially at this moment in time with lockdowns and restricted numbers being allowed at weddings. Being able to meet up and celebrate with both your families and friends coming together is a precious one and is a very emotional time when the country can come back to some sort of normality.

So when this does happen this is one less worry to think about but to have the reassurance that I have this covered for you and to enjoy your day with your family and friends.

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