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Kirsti & David Pre Shoot

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Yesterday I had 2 pre shoots again & the weather has picked up in terms of the sun but the wind was out in force but for Kirsti & David's shoot we managed to mostly manoeuvre around it. I met up with them at the gorgeous Balbirnie House Hotel where they are getting married along with Maisie, who they have had for a year & a half & what a beautiful & energetic dog.

We headed up to the top part of the woods where I used to walk my dog Jamie when I used to live up at the other end of the woods. I soon found out that Maisie loves her ball which was great to begin with to get her attention then it soon got lost, oh well good old fashioned shouting & making funny noises it is then.

Getting to know my couple's at this stage before the wedding is invaluable as I get a good insight into the day, the couple & their habits. Today is David's 30th birthday(Happy Birthday David) & he is having a birthday week full of treats, too right David. I tried this but only worked a couple of times but doing this on your 30th is a must. You might be able to extend this to the image you are wanting for the wedding which Kirsti isn't willing to participate in, don't worry it isn't risque.

Kirsti & David were really nervous before hand about doing the pre shoot & there are a few things I do try to make couples who feel like this a bit more relaxed. One of these things is capturing the moments from further away, talking alot to playing the bump game. David seemed to love the bump game a bit too much & we will have to work on this for the wedding day. I love the bump game as the reactions you get are priceless & as you can see they both were having fun with this. My other trick's are for the big day & can't wait for you too see them.

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