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Wooden Box, Album & USB.

With all my albums all sent away & picked up for Christmas I got the chance to photograph a couple of them from my newest album in the range.

Since releasing it into the Digital Full Day + Album package this has been by far a massive hit with everyone & I can totally see why from the craftsmanship to the smell of the wood it is truly an impressive album set. In this album set you get 30x25 album in lustre Matte finish pages that have a layflat design so you can design the album with images spreading through the pages or one big image. This is complimented by a leather backing & bind that has over 10 colours of Leather & growing.

The Wood on all parts of the set comes in 4 finishes Nogal, Dark Wood, Light Wood & Pine Wood. The wood is complimented from Album cover, Wooden box & USB box, which all three have a laser engraving which again there are alot of choices.

In all of my packages included on the USB is all your images in colour in one folder & all your images again in black & white in another folder, as I would never dare to decide what colour finish is better for you as this is a personal decision. I will give you the choice & double up on the images you receive, whilst I agree quality is better than quality I however will give you the quality & quantity.

Examples shown below are Nogal wood with blue leather & the other is the Dark wood with dark grey leather. Both are very nice & have had the Nogal a few times now but when Aimee & Andrew decided to go with the Dark wood I was very excited to see how this would turn out & I was not disappointed, the Dark wood really enhances the laser engraving. If you would like to enquire about any of my albums or packages then feel free to message me on my website contact page, e-mail or my Facebook page. I am more than happy to talk you through any part of my process & excited to hear all about your plans.

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